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  • The Speed Of Life.

    The Speed Of Life.

    My mind is still working. I know where I am. I know I’m thinking what I’m thinking. I know I’m dead. Was painful. Not anymore. It was painful even before the end. The last half of my life was one blur of pain to another. Can you believe it? I smile mentally to myself. An…

  • Nice Weather.

    Nice Weather.

    I had to smile. It was one of those days. The weather was nice and the sun was out. It seemed to reflect the way I felt. I felt happy. I felt warm. I looked down on the lake from the small grass bank I was sitting on, the one in Majestic Park, you know…

  • Galactic Midnight.

    Galactic Midnight.

    An unsure feeling that something fundamental and catastrophic is about to happen. Know this feeling? Be prepared. Forewarned is forearmed. As one spectator summised, “I think the problem may be that some people can’t de-combobulate the pseudo-stellar translocation of their perspective social spiritual mind-states from the pre-trainsient cosmic energy flow of the transcendent “other” into…

  • So then, the next.

    So then, the next.

    It was, of course, a time of ups and a time of downs.

  • And indeed, it came to pass.

    And indeed, it came to pass.

    arroogah yeah yeah baby baby slice and dice, just SLICE AND DICE.

  • A Woman Seldom Found.

    A Woman Seldom Found.

    ONCE A young man was on a visit to Rome. It was his first visit; he came from the country but he was neither on the one hand so young nor on the other so simple as to imagine that a great and beautiful capital should hold out finer promises than anywhere else. He already…